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Where Do Your Tools Fit Within the Continuous Delivery Landscape?

The ever-evolving DevOps landscape has created a disordered sprawl. So how do you construct a coherent continuous delivery toolchain in such a complex and diverse arena? Our interactive map allows you to explore the most prominent continuous delivery tools and understand how CA Continuous Delivery Automation can bridge the gap between your different tools, ensuring the different stages of your releases are just stops on a smoothly orchestrated journey.

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Continuous Delivery Map

CA Continuous Delivery Automation allows DevOps team members to select the continuous delivery tools of their choice, and then orchestrate this automated toolchain into a standardized and consistent deployment pipeline.

Our platform weaves agility into your existing toolchain and enables you to manage the diverse portfolio of products your development, operations and QA teams use. It enables front-end apps to be built quickly and safely, with DevOps approaches that access an agile back-end.

From a compliance and audit perspective, Automic provides a pre-approved change process (aka deployment pipeline) for all environments, including production. From mainframe to Docker, Siebel to microservices, or middleware to containers, Automic is the central hub for the entire DevOps ecosystem.

Automic allows you to maximize the value of your existing investments by bringing agility to core back-end systems and enabling them to be a part of a continuous delivery toolchain and enterprise-scaled deployment pipeline.